Items & shapes are the most legal and effective things to make a strip. Items like a T.V. and a computer, also a table, etc. are sometimes used for making strips, like when "Characters" watch T.V. or use the computer.


The items are Strip Generator's legal items to use, like when you are creating a simple strip, you just use items like a T.V. and a computer and many more items, such as a door and a poster.

Items used on Advanced StripsEdit

Items like a tree and other stuff are used on a strip with many shapes. Like a tree is on a big circle with a bird beside it with clouds on the background.


The shapes are Strip Generator's effective items to use, like when you are creating a advanced strip, you use shapes like a circle, square, and a triangle, and many other shapes, like a teardrop and colored shapes (Red and Blue shapes).

Shapes used on Simple StripsEdit

Shapes like a circle, square and a triangle, and many other shapes are used on simple strips like celebrating christmas with 3 triangles (A christmas tree) and square's (Presents).


  • The T.V. item can have a character inside it.
  • You could mix the colored shapes (Red and Blue)

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